How Do I Add Grammarly To Outlook?

Today in this blog post I will show you how you can Add Grammarly To Outlook.

English, the international language is the one that should be learned by everyone, and that can be learned by anyone easily. The English language is little complicated, to write rather than to speak. Though you are a professional writer or expert in the English language, the chances of making mistakes are always there.

Modern apps like Grammarly check mark your inaccurate or wrong spell words and allow you to replace these wrong spells with the right ones automatically. Grammarly makes you not to feel embarrassed in front of others as. Grammarly polishes your grammatical skills and makes you as a perfect writer in English.

These checker and corrector website improve your sentence formations, enhances your pronunciations and builds confidence in you to write English without any fear or hesitations.

Spell checking and grammar checking of your written work before you submit it is very important for obvious reasons. All the business and marketing strategies including social media marketing, emails and much more should be drafted or written down in a perfect way to boost trust in the recipient as the content is a key of running a business successful.

On the other hand, if you consider the academic arena, generally university thesis will be marked down mainly depending on grammatical and spelling errors. Demand for article writing and blog posting, everything depends on the grammar free and spell mistake free content.

It is impossible to attract the reader and to maximize their engagement if the content is riddled with mistakes. And all these reasons make it compulsory for anyone writing English in a professional and attractive manner should proofread each sentence after finishing their writing and before submitting or publishing them.

In the past, this has typically been in the form of checking manually by a person who wrote the content or by sending the written work to other people who can proofread it and can mark the errors.

However, present enhancement in technology and the advancement of the Internet have helped to opt for an efficient and effective online grammar check tool like Grammarly to check out the spell errors, grammar errors as well as sentence formation errors in a perfect way.

Grammarly to Outlook

Mainly when it comes to sending emails from Outlook, it is always a good idea to check for the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors of your messages before you send them to your friends or management heads or anyone.

Using Grammarly add-in for your MS office will let you use and utilize the Grammarly to check the spell and grammar errors, while you are writing your Microsoft word documents or Outlook emails.

However, before downloading and installing this Grammarly for Microsoft office on your desktop make sure that Grammarly supports your computer or laptop operating system. It could be Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Parallels which is Windows Operating System on a Mac computer.

Also, make sure of which version of Microsoft office is in your system. Grammarly supported versions of Microsoft Office are Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016. However, keep in mind that, Grammarly will not work with trial versions and starter versions of Microsoft Office or with XP or Vista.


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How to Add Grammarly To Outlook

Install Grammarly for your Microsoft Office and if you can’t find Grammarly tab for your MS Outlook or Office, then try to run the installer by your system Administrator permissions.

 How to troubleshoot the problems

If you still can’t find Grammarly for your MS word or MS outlook, then you better launch and install the EnableGrammarly.exe file. This can be done by below given simple steps:

1. First, close your Word

2. Enter Win plus R (Win+R)

3. Now copy the text given below and paste it into Microsoft office suite search line

4. It will let your PC to go to the Grammarly folder. After it gets opened, go to the folder with the latest Grammarly version

5. Open a folder with a name that is a bit similar to the B787E630FA4302BCC50E5A91D7BF34

6. Now give a right click at the file EnableGrammarly.exe

7 Select the Run icon as administrator

8. Now finally click on Grammarly and open it

If still, you can’t find Grammarly tab, you can try below-given troubleshooting suggestion:

1.Uninstall Grammarly and again install it for the MS Office

2. Now see whether you got Grammarly in MS Word or MS Outlook

If still Grammarly tab not appeared in your Outlook or MS Word, then:

Check out which MS office or Outlook version you are using on your PC( that is either it is 32-bit or 64-bit)

3. If you are using 64-bit MS office 2016 version, then make sure that you have Outlook or Microsoft Word of version 2016 (16.0.426.1003 or higher)
Now install all the updates for Office 2016

4. If you are using Office 365, then check for the latest updates. Install these latest updates.

If you are using MS Office Click-to-Run, shuffle to MSI-based Office

5.   After you finish updating the Office, uninstall Grammarly and again install Grammarly for MS Office

Check out, if Grammarly tab is working now in your MS Word or MS Outlook.

If still, you can’t find Grammarly tab, then:

1. Open Word and click the MS Office and select Word Options
2. click on Add-Ins
3. Go to View & manage tab in the MS Office or Outlook add-ins pane
4.  Now in the manage tab, click on Add-ins of COM
5. In this COM, Add-Ins box, you can see the add-ins available in MS Word
6. Now click the Add button
7. Check out the folder where this Grammarly add-in are saved
Now copy the below-given text and paste it in MS Office suite
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Grammarly\Grammarly and press enter
8. This will make your PC to open the Grammarly folder.
9.Go to the folder named by the latest version of the Grammarly add-in (For example 6.6.37) which you have installed just before.
10.Open the folder named like – B788D631FFA3301BCC50E5A81D7BE34

If you are using 64-bit Office, then choose the file GrammarlyShim64.dll or

If you are using 32-bit Office, then choose the file GrammarlyShim32.dll

And Click OK.

If you received any error dialog box or message, then have a screenshot of it and send it to the If you hadn’t got any error message box, then click simply click OK in the COM Add-ins window and just wait till Grammarly add-in finishes loading.

Now close the Microsoft Word and again open it. Check out if the Grammarly tab has displayed in Word or Outlook.

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