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To experience the real magic of a rooted phone one must have a BusyBox pro that is also known as ‘The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux’. This software is designed for the use of Linux kernel, perfect for embedded devices.

It provides various stripped-down Unix tools in one executable file. This software runs in several POSIX environments such an Android, Linux, FreeBSD and so on.

The tools provided by this software are designed to majorly work with interfaces of Linux kernel created for embedded operating systems with limited resources.

This software replaces basic functions of more than 300 common commands. It is released under the norms of the GNU General Public License as free software.

Major Traits

BusyBox pro software provides the subset of about 200 utilities. The utilities specified in the Single Unix Specification (SUS) is provided by this software. It also provides many other utilities that a user expects to see on a system of Linux.

This uses the Almquist shell that is also called as A Shell, Ash and Sh. This is a complete bootstrap system that replaces Init daemon and Udev. The BusyBox Web site provides a full list of the utilities implemented.

  •    Commands-: The Busybox documentation gives the overview of all the available commands and line options.
  •    Single binary-: The BusyBox is a single binary having many applications that can be easily accessed by calling various names supported by several links for the different name in a specific manner. Being a single binary this software reduces the overhead introduced by executable file and allows various codes to be shared between several applications without a library. This provides a simplified version of the utilities for the user. Busybox pro performs faster than other implementations mostly.

The BusyBox is one of the fastest and trusted applications required in the rooted phone.

The pro version of this software has no ads or nag screens and various other features. Some of the highlights of this apk are custom tune feature, uninstall feature, safety check for missing applets, ability to hand pick the applets, and better overall support.

This version gets frequent updates than the normal free version.  This installer does not need any other additional application to be downloaded thus works much faster than other similar applications.

What is the need of Busybox?

One needs to install BusyBox binary after rooting android device to run some of the applications that require privileges of rooting with the use of Busybox from the command line. This software application provides many standard Unix tools just like the larger GNU core utilities.

Steps to use BusyBox software:

  1.    Install the application of BusyBox. This can be done by various sources. One of the major sources of searching and installing this application is Google Play Store from your rooted android device.
  2.    Installation of various commands of Busybox.
  3.    The last step is to go ahead and launch the BusyBox application.

Download Busybox Pro Apk

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How to install Busybox on the android device?

To install this application properly on the rooted android device one should follow various steps one by one. The steps are as follows:

  •    Download BusyBox Application 
  •    After the download, launch the application as early as possible.
  •    For root access, click on “Allow” option to give root permission.
  •     Close the message option that appears on the screen into the main menu.
  •    Now a confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  •    Do not click on any button or option into the busy Box.
  •    Reboot the device which is a must.
  •    After the reboot, delete the BusyBox from your phone.
  •    All done.

Now the user is ready to use any rooted application that is required for custom support.

What does a BusyBox do?

This application is a program that helps in providing all the commands that are required to give the android device an ideal embedded Linux environment. This helps in running many rooted applications and work to access the system at a lower level that would be otherwise impossible to take place.

Benefits of the use of BusyBox application

Some of the computer programs have a binary file for each application separately. BusyBox application helps on single binary approach by reducing the overhead that is presented by executable file format. This app also allows various codes to be shared between several applications without having a proper library for the same purpose.

Many programs majorly root programs for example Titanium Backup need BusyBox application to run their functions on the device. Without this application software, user’s device is much more limited for performing various functions. This app combines small versions of many common utilities into a single executable function.

BusyBox software provides a perfect and complete environment for all small and embedded systems. It helps in replacement of unwanted utilities usually found in GNU.

View the BusyBox Source Code: http://git.busybox.net/busybox/

Get more details on www.BusyBox.net

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