A Premium Trick to earn $10 per day from Fiverr

We have seen many bloggers and freelancers struggling to make money on Fiverr. So, today I am going to tell you the easiest way to earn $10 per day without much work. Yes, I will be revealing the simple trick to make money on Fiverr.

I don’t think I should tell you about Fiverr because I am sure all of us must know that. For those who don’t know what is Fiverr, for them, below is the short introduction.

“Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can earn by doing micro jobs. Each work on Fiverr is termed as a Gig and the cost is fixed $5. You can sell anything you want for $5. Once your Gig will be sold, Fiverr will charge $1 as a commission and you will get $4 in your account.”

I am sure by now you must have known what Fiverr is and how Fiverr works. One thing you must know that it is not that much easy to earn money on Fiverr as they work on the rating system.

The higher positive ranking one has received, the higher their Gig will rank on Fiverr and so they will make money on Fiverr. But at the same time, I am also telling it is not that much difficult as well. You can earn $10-$50 per day very easily from Fiverr.

The trick to earning $10 per day from Fiverr that I am going to share now is 100% working and using this trick I am earning around $20 each day and I am sure you can do so.

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Make Money on Fiverr: Working Trick to earn $10 per day from Fiverr

First of all, let me tell you, to earn $10 from Fiverr, you just have to sell 2 gigs in a day which is not difficult at all. Suppose on the first day you sold one Gig and got good feedback and so next time your gig will rank higher and similarly you will get good sell.

For now, just focus on $10 that mean 2 sales (2*5=$10).

To earn $10 per day from Fiverr, I will take help of SEOClerks, another online job marketplace. The only difference between Fiverr and SEOClerks is all gigs at Fiverr are fixed for $5 whereas on SEOClerks it starts from as low as $1.

Below I am going to share exactly the same method that I am using to earn $20 a day.

At Tips42, our main aim is your success and so we will keep on sharing all the premium tricks so that you can live online life. So, start with the exact footprint and make money on Fiverr.

Step 1- Create your account on both Fiverr and SEOClerks, if you don’t have.

Step 2- Complete your profile to 100% as it attracts the employers.

Step 3- Now the main points come. The link building services, Article writing, Graphics design, Social media services are the highest selling services on any online marketplace.

Step 4- Find the above-mentioned services for less than $4-$5 from SEOClerks. You’ll not feel hard to find such services. On the home page of SEOClerks itself, there are more than 5 services which are available from $1-$3. Select the best one from it. Let me give you few examples.

make money on Fiverr

The above service at SEOClerks is available for just $1. Take it as Service 1. Now let me tell you the second services.

make money on Fiverr

Here you are getting a 1.1k Twitter flower from the USA just in $2. Take it as service 2. And let me give you a demo of 3rd services from SEOClerks.

make money on Fiverr

This service is giving 30 high PR links just in $2.

So, in this step, you just have to find out some good and beneficial services at SEOClerks for $1-$4 and move to next step.

Step-5: Here sell you gig. Write a detailed description for the Gig so that it can attract the buyers. If you don’t know how to write, just check the highest selling gig on Fiverr and write accordingly. Now let me tell you how you can get the benefit.

make money on Fiverr

Now check the above service on Fiverr. For one link in PR 5 directory, this guy is charging $5 and have already sold 23 gigs (23*5=$115). And for the 30 high PR links on SEOClerks, you have spent just $2. GOT MY POINT????

Step 6: So, the point is to buy the small services ($1-$4) from SEOClerks and sell those on Fiverr for $5. Complete profit 
The above guy is selling a link at $5, you offer 30 such links at $5. How much profit you made?- $5-$2=$3.

So, if you will just sell 3-4 gig in the day, you can easily make $10-$12 per day.
And how much time you spent? Hardly half an hour to one hour? We didn’t do anything. Just bought the service from one location and sold on other.

Isn’t this interesting??

How much are you earning from freelance jobs? Are you facing any issue? Just let me know in a comment and I will help you for sure. I hope you got good idea about how to make money on Fiverr.

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