A Beginners Guide To SSL Certificates

In this article, we will discuss about SSL Certificates. This is a SSL certificate beginners guide. SSL stands for Secure Socket layer which is an encrypted technology that forms the secured link between the web browser and the web server.

SSL Certificates Beginners Guide

SSL is a security protocol that defines the algorithm as for how the connection should be formed while establishing the secured connection.

SSL certificate is the necessity of any online business. Almost every day we come to know that some site has been hacked, some data has been stolen etc.

According to a report by Network World, 1 website is getting hacked every 5 seconds. That means every day, 17,280 sites are getting hacked. This is really a large number..right?

Why does this happen? Because when the data is transferred from the web browser to server, it is not getting encrypted and plain data is very easy to hack. So it is always advisable to use SSL Certificate, especially where some secured data like a credit card, personal identifications are being sent and received.

This kind of information should be encrypted before transferring. This is the main work of SSL certificates. An SSL certificate creates an encrypted link while transferring the data and makes it hard for the hackers to crack.

Why use SSL Certificates: SSL Certificate Beginners Guide?

One of the most important rules of creating a successful online business is creating trust on your potential and existing customers. In online business, you are dealing with the people whom you not meet. So the only way to make a good impression on them is by making trust.

One of the ways of making trust is by using the SSL certificates on your website. This will provide a great value to your business and will make a positive impression to your customers. They know by providing their sensitive information like credit card, username, password or any other personal information are not going to be misused.

Where to use SSL Certificates?

Simply SSL certificates are used where the secured information are getting transferred. Here I am going to list some conditions where you may use SSL certificates.

• Authentication information like Username, Password, and Cookies etc.

• Info those can’t be made public.

• Information that should not be edited in the way and should be protected.

• If you need to secure the information between two servers

• While transmitting and receiving data from Mobile devices.

• While doing some transactions

Types of SSL Certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates depending on the requirements. Mainly SSL certificates are divided based on two categories-

• Validation Level Certificates and
• Domain Level Certificates

Based on the Validation level, SSL certificates are divided into following three types which we will study in details-

1. Domain Validation (DV)

Domain validated SSL certificates are those certificates where the validated information in the certificate is limited to the domain itself. DV certificates are the easiest to get. Just you have to verify the email and all done. This is also the cheapest SSL available.

You can have this certificate in just minutes.

2. Organization Validation (OV)

Organization Validation SSL certificate is a company or organization validated certificate and provides the highest number of security then DV. Here before issuing the SSL, CA do the full verification of the organization to which certificate has been issued.

3. Extended Validation (EV)

EV certificates have the highest possible security on the website that can be achieved. You can identify whether the website is using EV SSL just by checking the lock icon at the start of the address bar or the green color of the address bar. Generally, big e-commerce companies and organization uses EV SSLs. Twitter and eBay are the couples of famous companies using EV SSL.

Depending on the Domain level, SSLs are divided into following two types-

1. Single Domain SSL

Single domain SSL certificates are the basic type of SSL which can protect a single domain. This is for small business owners. But if you have multiple sub domain then think of Wildcard which allows multiple sub domain security. The price of Single domain SSL is usually low.

2. Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL certificates are also known as star certificates which can secure all the subdomains under one primary domain. The benefit of this certificate is you don’t have to buy a different certificate for each domain. One Wildcard SSL can work for all.

Things to consider before buying SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are very important for online business but while buying any SSL certificates, you should make a note of few points which are very helpful. Here I am listing few most important points which you must keep in mind before buying SSL certificates.

1. Understand How to Choose a Perfect SSL Brand

There are lots of brands available in the market for SSL but before buying you need to think of your brand and then only proceed. Like for e-commerce business, you should buy EV SSL.

2. Check The review of Provider

As we know feedback is the best thing to judge anything. Check the feedback from the one who is already using it and then buys. For this, you can also take help of review sites.

3. Compare Price

There are lots of sites where you can find coupons and get the SSLs at less cost. To save money on buying the SSLs, you should compare the cost and features.

4. Support and Money Back Guarantee

Support is the essential part of any process. No matter how great product anyone is selling but if the company is not providing after sales support, don’t go for it. As in the long run, it is not going to help you out.

Also, a check is the company from which you are buying the product provides money back guarantee or not. If yes, then only go for it.


I hope this SSL Certificate Beginners Guide will help you to understand Basics of SSL certificates, why you need an SSL and what SSL certificate you need.

If you have any difficulty in understanding and buying SSL certificates, feel free to ask in comments.

Are you using any SSLs? If yes, do share your experience with me.

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